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               (Chula Vista, California, U.S.A.; May 6th of 2006)

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Alfonso Julián is a unique writer because of his age and talent. He learned to communicate when he was 7 years old and showed that people with non-speaking autism have a lot to say and contribute. Autistic and Awesome is his opera prima where he presents a collection of his personal writings about his experience. Before, he seemed to have nothing to share, now his work shows us a complete, full and realized human being. Alfonso is now twelve, he lives with in Chula Vista, CA with his parents and brother. He continues to write and advocate for non-speaking individuals.

[ ES ]
Alfonso Julián es un escritor único por su edad y por su talento. Aprendió a comunicarse desde los 7 años y logró demostrar que las personas con autismo no verbal tienen mucho qué decir y qué aportar. Autistic and awesome es su ópera prima con la que presenta una colección de sus escritos personales. Antes aparentaba no tener qué compartir, ahora su obra nos muestra un ser humano completo, pleno y realizado. Alfonso tiene doce años y vive en Chula Vista, California con sus padres y su hermano. Él continúa escribiendo y abogando por personas con autismo no verbal.


Autism and other endeavors of the heart


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Builders of Eloquence and Engagement, LLC


Colmena Academy


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Alfonso Julián

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